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This game is.. awesome. TITAN4LYFE. I just could use some folks to play with. :] PS4 version though.

My new PSN ID is 'Bastellus'. Add me if you like! Lets shoot wizards on the moon together!

Oh and. I recently picked up an iPad so I'm also playing:

Puzzle & Dragons, a match 3 style card collection game. (ID: 380,231,358)
Summoners War: Sky Arena, a monster summoner turn based game. ( Hive ID: TheEndling )
Fable Age, ALSO a match 3 style card collection game. (ID: 5WgCVz700j)
Brave Frontier (ID: 2696320872)

UPDATE (7/21/14):
Got the job, moving to Cali! Commissions will have to close, sadly. Those who had pending commissions will still of course receive theirs. :]

Hey folks! Thanks for stopping in. I know it's been a while but I've opened for commissions again. 

INFORMATIONS! Please read before commissioning!

1. Commissions must be paid for in full prior to work on the piece starting. Paypal only.
2. You CAN order multiple commissions provided there are slots open for them. 
3. I reserve the right to decline a request based on subject matter/content. 
 Small corrections can be made to the finished product if necessary, but major changes/complete overhauls will require additional payment. 
5. You have the right to use the image for personal purposes, but if you plan on commercially profiting from it (ie., selling / redistributing), the price will have to be adjusted accordingly.
6. I retain rights to use of the image itself, such as including the piece in future art/sketchbooks/portfolios.
7. I reserve the right to cancel your commission at any time due to unforeseen circumstances. If you have already paid, a FULL refund will be provided regardless of progress already made on the commission.
8. The specifics of an order cannot be changed after they have been submitted. (In other words, midway through your order, I won't take additional commissions you'd like done.)

TO CLAIM A COMMISSION SLOT simply send me a note (not in this journal entry) asking for what kind of commission you want, and if at all possible, references of the character you'd like drawn. If I respond to you, you got the slot! (You Once I receive payment I'll begin work on your commission in the order it was received. If I don't respond, try back next time when you see a slot open again! My Paypal address is:

Examples Everafter Tactics - 1 of 2. by Endling ,  Chibi Commission Boogaloo. by Endling ,  Chibi Commissions Strike Back. by Endling
Examples Lean. by Endling ,  O'ko. by Endling ,  Mallory by Endling
Examples Passing Glance by Endling ,  Halloween '13. by Endling ,  HaveBirthday 2012. by Endling
Examples PokeMonster Hunter. by Endling ,  rough4 by Endling ,  Monster Hunter - Jury. by Endling SDL: Timeskip Duel by Endling

These are the components of a commission. If you want your commission to have more than one character, simply add these together. (Two chibis, two waist-ups in the same picture, a waist-up with a chibi character in it, etc.) ALSO. Prices are as you see them. It doesn't cost $45 to get the lines of something, then an additional $65 to get it colored. It's either one or the other. You want a piece with just lines, or a piece with lineart + color.


full body slots (2 slots total)

1. - StyxTwig
2. - (on hold, see journal update)

bust & waist-up slots (4 slots total)

1. - (on hold, see journal update)
2. - justvrit (WU)
3. - SolsticeShard (WU)
4. - (on hold, see journal update)

chibi slots (7 slots total)

 - Rahze8
2. - (on hold, see journal update)
3. - (on hold, see journal update)
4. (on hold, see journal update)
5. - (on hold, see journal update)
6.  (on hold, see journal update)
 - (on hold, see journal update)

Thank you guys! I always love seeing what sort of characters I get to draw when it comes to commissions. Looking forward to working with them. :]

Just wanted to pop on real quick to thank everyone for the birthday wishes.

Seems like the last time I said anything on here was.. a full year ago, considering my previous journal entry was also a birthday one. Pfffffft. That's terrible.

Been ill for some weeks now, with it only getting worse over these past few days. (Was pretty much flat on my back most of my birthday.) So reading everything posted here, finding gift art and a hell of a lot of really sweet stories from folks has definitely been the highlight of the year. 

You guys are marvelous people. And everyone that still comes back here to see the extremely occasional piece of art, well.. I don't know what to say that I haven't already said a million times before. As always, I just hope I keep giving you reasons to come on back.

You all have a brilliant holiday.
Heeeey folks.

Firstly, thanks for all the birthday well-wishing. Veritable.. mountains of well-wishing. Though I'd be just as content postponing my birthday until next year. And then maybe the year after that, and after that..

A year older and a year wiser. Well, the latter is debatable. But definitely a year older! This year has been a wild, satisfying, disappointing, exciting one. It marks my first total year as a freelancer, which has been simultaneously one of the most liberating and terrifying career leaps I've ever made. Thankfully, the studio I've ended up working with for the entire year has been a very welcoming one. The workload can be immense, but outside of being paid, there are few rewards greater than seeing your work animated in a game after toiling on it for hours. Getting to visit Barcelona was another fantastic perk.
I really can't complain at all about work, this year. I've worked with the guys from Wayforward, Vigil, did a bit of here-and-there for my old studio Spidermonk. I've been quite comfortable here in Texas, and even recently started house-hunting. Though to be fair, it doesn't come without a price.

 The most obvious being time. Time isn't a commodity freelancers have in spades, that's for sure. And you wouldn't think it either, given that you can work from your own place, on your own terms, make your own hours, choose your own clients. You know? It all sounds too good to be true, until you realize you have to pick up the slack for about a billion other things you wouldn't think of were you working in-house with a studio. I've had a crashcourse in business matters, and I've come out of it mostly successful, but with a mess of bruises to show for it! I am terrible at managing myself.. as a matter of fact I think Zombiesmile all but took up those reins for me, even from the distance we're still at (VISA/green card stuff ETA is 02/13, btw). Very thankful for all the help she's given me, seeing as how she's far and away my superior when it comes to freelancing experience.

 But yeah, time. Time I wish I could spend here. Well, you know what I mean. At my desk, drawing stuff for myself. As grateful as I am to have steady work and a roof over my head, I feel like I've been missing a part of myself for the past.. well I don't even know how long, anymore. I miss making gigantic, rambling journals. Participating in contests, HOLDING contests.. you've no idea how long I've been trying to piece together a new, streamlined, fun art competition. Though I wonder, is there anyone still out there on dA that would enjoy doing that sort of thing? I'm loathe to use the word "OCT".. they were very popular for a time, and I have fond memories of that time, for the most part. But nowadays I'm not getting the same sense of energy that was present in those endeavors. Though to be frank, I think the whole notion needs a serious retooling. As I said, streamlining. I think a return to art-focused, short-but-sweet material would do wonders. Have you ever heard that one question regarding video games? It goes something like, would you rather play a game with 60 hours of content you enjoy, or a 5-6 hour game that completely blows you away? Don't get me wrong, I love me some big, sprawling games myself. But have you ever played The Walking Dead game, by Telltale..? Yeah.. exactly.  

 So I have something more like an art jam in mind. Still competitive, still character focused. But much, much more focused on art. Short, intense conflicts, with a set page limit to keep everything compact. I'm not saying there isn't a place for the more meandering, plot-heavy model anymore? But I do think the sheer time commitment it takes can be off-putting to people who have things to do on a daily basis. And, well, to be honest, if I want to write a big sprawling story that's big on dialogue and plot, I might as well be making my own comic with that time, I figure. With a contest, I kind of just want to go all-out and have a good time arting it up. Especially with something as cathartic as big, bombastic fight scenes. Maybe I'm the only one that feels this way, I dunno! I could always gauge interest with a poll I suppose. Or heck, if you have any thoughts on the matter, please feel free to let me know in the comments. It would be appreciated.

But that's just one thing I'd like to do with extra time. It'd be easier if there weren't a million other things competing with that thought. I still have a mountain of your characters to add to that megaposter, I still have an INCREDIBLY delayed sketchbook I've wanted to put out for the past year and a half but keep running into snags. I still want to update regularly to dA, but you know what's actually been stopping me in that department? Every time I sit down to draw a character or two, I get hit with this guilty feeling that I've already done more than enough to introduce people to them, and what I should really be doing is focusing on actually TELLING THEIR STORY in the first place. Which puts me in a difficult place, because trying to tackle a graphic novel while working full time for a game studio is a tall, tall order, but I'd still like to update dA.. so I end up in this continuous loop of starting to draw, but then rethinking it over and over and getting nothing done. Then it's the next work day and I'm back in the loop again. Haha. Ah well. Here's hoping this following year I'm able to better free myself up and just draw for the sake of drawing. Even if I'm not releasing a comic about Ree, or the girls of Living in Sin, or if the starts align my god even a reboot of Everafter-as-it-should-have-been, I should probably not think on it so hard that I keep myself from drawing ANYTHING about them and sharing them here.

For the people that keep coming back to my side of the site despite a severe lack of steady updates since like.. 2009, I'd like to start giving you all a reason to come back, you know? With the notes and compliments, the fanart and cosplay, all those amazing things I've continued to receive for these past few years, I'd like to start making it up to you. And myself, really, because I've been denying myself the simpler joys of just drawing art for arts sake for way too long now. I hope I can rectify that. Though until then, all I can continue to say is thank you, to all the folks that do keep swinging by. The same folks who have come over today to wish me a happy birthday.

You guys are, without sounding.. too overtly creepy.. my LIFEBLOOOOOOD. YES THAT'S RIGHT. But no, hear me out. It's totally true. No sacrificial altars involved, I promise.

On my worst days, when I feel like I've fallen off the proverbial art-horse, you guys are the ones who shove me back on with sizzling hot pokers of love. When I feel like I haven't done anything of merit in far too long and am in danger of just being totally forgotten, you guys give me the confidence to get back on my feet, to shut the hell up and just draw. I have received the most wonderful notes over the past year, from people asking permission to cosplay, asking when certain webcomics will renew themselves (and if any of you remember, add three more months to the time that will happen.. ohoho), or just tell me that I've inspired you. I can't possibly overstate how amazing this is. This is not bragging, this is not me asking for a sudden influx of this kind of correspondence. As I said. I just can't overstate what that means to me, every single time. Even if I don't get a chance to respond to your note, your frontpage comment, your questions, etc. I know that's kind of a hot button issue on dA from time to time, artists who never reply to people who ask them/poke them/note them with something. But you have to know, even if I don't. I've read every single last one of them. And just because I'm a forgetful ass with the memory capacity of a severely impaired sea snail, it goes straight to my heart. I mean, obviously it does, or I wouldn't be acting like big mushy super-thankful what-the-hell-is-he-drunk End right now.

I want to start a short story series this year. I'd like to begin livestreaming more. Get more tutorials up on Tumblr. Hold another contest. Shamelessly draw more character stuff even if I don't get to a single comic about any of them. Introduce people to the world I've been building for the past year, based on a bit of art I uploaded last October. I'm feeling pretty damn energized.

So let me close here and get to work, dammit. Thank you, guys and gals. :heart:

Hey folks! I'll be the interviewee over at AskTheArtist on August 25th, 2012 at 5:00 PM PST. (Here's a time converter for you if you're in another time zone: )

It's a chat based interview where you can plop down in the interview chat, talk freely with others, and lob questions at the host ( thefluffyshrimp ) who will then chuck them with impeccable accuracy at yours truly.

For more information just hit up the good folks at :iconasktheartist:, they've got everything covered.

Looking forward to seeing you there if you decide to stop by! :]
EDIT: HOLY COW LEVEL. Thanks to everyone for the support! Lilith is ranked somewhere in the top 3,000th of pawns online! (To put it in perspective, when I began playing she was somewhere at the 76,000th mark.) Again, a huge thanks to everyone who took her adventuring! :]

Anyone else out there playing this? Very neat game. Very.. mixed reviews about it across the nets, but hey, I'm having fun either way.

It's an open world.. actiony.. RPG-y.. exploration..  concoction. I'm not sure how else to put it. It's a pretty wild blend of all sorts of elements I've seen in games like Monster Hunter, Skyrim, Dark Souls and even Shadow of the Colossus.  Aaaand I love all those games.

I don't mind telling you, I'm getting myself murdered left and right, and I seem to have lost my direction very.. very early on in the game. Shortly after a dragon plucked out my heart and ate it, I found myself protecting a cow on the way to a grand capital city in an exceedingly long escort mission, and only barely survived a few goblin attacks. GOBLINS. Afterwards I was deposited in said capital city, and have been left to my own devices. And I don't have the most effective devices, evidently, as I have been ransacked by bandits, eaten by lizardfolk, and tumbled down an ancient ruin on the back of some kind of ogre thing, only to have it land ON TOP OF ME after reaching the ground first. D'oh!

So I've decided to take full advantage of the peculiarly titled "Pawn" system the game offers, wherein you are able to hire party companions from other players the world over. Pawns around your own level don't seem to cost anything to hire, but if you seek out more advanced individuals, you have to pay up for their specialized services. The pawns you can choose from are created by other players, to serve as their own permanent party partner. So basically, you play the game with a character you made (your own avatar), the pawn you create to be their perma-companion, and then two more members that can either be NPCs hired from your singleplayer game, or you can go online and pick from other peoples main pawns. Then, when you elect to dismiss them, they 'return' to the player that created them (though in that players game, they never go missing or anything, you just get informed that other players have been hiring your pawn) with experience, advice and, if you're lucky, a gift from the other player!

But yes, getting to the point! I just wanted to let any other fellow Dogma players know that Lilith the incredibly grumpy sorceress is available if you're in need of crispier foes, as well as the occasional healing spell! She's also.. incredibly well versed with wolf attacks, seeing as how we've fought upwards of three hundred of them by now.

My PS3 ID thinger is RextheLegion, and as far as I know in the pawn riftmabob, you can search for pawns via that ID. So please! Invite her along. Give a rating, if you get the chance! If she slacks off, give her a rock as a gift!

I think, anyway! I've yet to figure out how it all works. But yeah. If anyone else is playing and wouldn't mind tossing me your IDs, I'd be happy to give your party members a front row seat to watch me die in more embarrassing ways.

Take care, all. Thanks for stopping by!


Currently traveling with:
- Tokiya, 67 Fighter
- Monique, 6 Mage
Yes, it's exactly what it sounds like.

I'm not really positive what normal protocol is for finding skeletal remains on your property. I can't say I've ever sat down on a rainy day and been like.. "Hm.. kind of humid today. I should probably read up on what to do in event of bones showing up on my front lawn."

And you know, it wouldn't even be a HUGE issue if it was, say, a femur. Even an ulna! I'd just assume a cartoon dog moved in next door and, at most, I'd have to chide him for his slovenly habits. (After the inevitable half hour of wacky hijinx, of course.)

But no. It's a spine. Or at least, part of a spine. A particularly large hunk of spine. HOW DOES SOMEONE MISPLACE THAT. Especially so neatly detached from everything else.

Actually, it's occurring to me, I should probably take a picture of this, because I can already feel the wave of 'pix or it didn't happen' responses. And you are entirely in the right to ask this. I'm sending Zombiesmile out now to snap a photo and I'll add it in here later.

That's all, really. I have nothing important to say. Just. Yeah. Hm!


It's a spine! Doing spiney things.
Hey everybody!

I went and done and got myself a Tumblr account.

I plan on using it as a sketch deposit box, mostly, but I'd also like to use it to address art-related questions I get in my notes a lot, one of which being 'Do you have any tutorials?', to which I typically answered 'Noooo.. I do not know how for working to make tutorials' ..  and I still don't know how to go about a good solid one, so I figured instead, I'll just put snippets of art ramblings up there, and if it helps anybody out, that'll be awesome. :]

Folks who've sent notes can still send them of course, if they'd like to know something specifically. Just hit me upside the head until I stop talking about how good mozzarella and tomato on french bread with the right dres-- ACK. There I go again. But yes, feel free to ask anything you'd personally like to know about the artstuffs. I can't promise I'll know how to respond but I'll sure as hell try!

..also! Regarding folks who send notes.. I apologize if I've never responded to you! Trust me I read all my notes, every last one, but more often than not I tell myself "Oh I'll answer this after I go make a coffee"..  and then senility takes hold and I never check my notes again for the rest of the day. Every now and then I'm going to dive into the note box and just start an answering frenzy until I clear through the backlog of unaddressed questions.

Anyway! Back to work!
Last night, I played Journey for the first time. (No spoilers below, don't worry! I encourage commenters not to be spoilish either!)

I think around the second stage, I met another person, and we played through the game all the way to the end. Despite having known the game was designed around random meetings with other people online, I always thought it'd just be kind of  hindrance or possibly annoying to have someone else mucking around in my lonely desert toilings.

'Davideogamer'! If you are out there somewhere, I hope you realize you made what would have been an awesome game experience into a FREAKING UNBELIEVABLE ONE.

To ANYONE who plays Journey on the PS3.. I hope that your first run through is met with another traveler, because you would not believe the sort of experience the whole thing evolves into. In many ways, it does this without you even realizing it. I could wax poetic about it for a paragraph but like many reviews I read about it on the net, I concur, the less said about the game to those who haven't played it, the better.

I mean the game would have been very cool alone but.. oh man.

Like I said in my last journal. It's a great year to be a gamer. Journey was amazing. That is all.
It's a good year to be a gamer, isn't it? There are so many releases slated for the following months.. it makes NOT burning a hole right through your wallet very difficult. At least for me. Where awesome games are concerned, I have little to no restraint. Probably a good reason as to why I got into game development in the first place. Haha.

I'm curious. What game has you waiting with baited breath for its release?

Mine's kind of a toss-up.. there's a lot of really good stuff coming. There are two indie titles in the works that I'm really excited about, for starters.  One is called Cube World , being developed by a one-man army that goes by the handle "Wollay". The first thing anyone would likely say upon seeing the game would be "minecraft clone", but the reality is the game seems to have more in common with Diablo and other loot-happy action RPGs. There's less crafting and house-building, and more exploring caves and forests and such, hacking and slashing your way through skeletons and orcs and stuff. Truth be told, I'm not sure what sort of balance the game has between sandbox and RPG.. it's a very lofty goal, trying to marry the two of those elements in a really engaging way. Something the Terraria guys did rather well, but Wollay seems to be taking to a 3D world instead.
Speaking of the Terraria folks, that brings me to the next indie release I'm looking forward to. Tiy, the sprite artist who helped put Terraria together, is heading his own project called Starbound, a multiplayer sandbox adventure game about exploring the galaxy and claiming a planet as your own. It seems like the next iteration of the popular sandbox formula, with features like exploring planets, terraforming them to your liking, inviting characters you've met in your journey to live there, taking care of them, etc. THAT has me excited. One of the best things about a sandbox game is carving out your own little nook, and making it truly unique, then having others able to come over and see what you've done. Extending that customization to an ENTIRE PLANET? That is awesome. Procedural generation of planets sounds like a fantastic thing, since I always did worry about having to create new worlds in Terraria just to keep up with the rapid depletion of resources me and my friends caused on our shared online world. I love anything that allows me to just really settle down in, and begin building and building without worrying about such things. I wish Team Chucklefish the best with this project, and I will be there on day one when it's released. :]

And in all this talk of action RPGs, hacking, slashing, looting and the like.. well. I'm willing to bet at least one person out there thought of another game with all those other features, slated for release in the near future.. of course I'm talking about none other than Diablo III.  I played Diablo II until my wrists were ready to spring for early retirement from the art world.  My god. Loot-centric games are the devil. (Pun fully intended.) There's not really much to be said about this game, to be honest, as anyone who enjoys action RPGs most definitely is aware of this anticipated release. Your attitude about the release may differ, of course. There are a few controversial things coming along with Diablo III, so I've learned. One of which is the real money auction system, implemented to curb the exchange of cash for ingame items amongst the playerbase. The other, arguably more notorious issue, is the need to always be online when playing the game. It renders it more an MMO in that sense, though the merits of that approach with a game so well suited to extensive single player gaming is.. debatable, I'll say that much. Hell. I'm still going to be buying the game first day, and I'm willing to bet a great deal of its naysayers will be doing the same exact thing. Blizz just makes damn fine games, there are no two ways around that.

But, all in all, I never did really say what was my MOST anticipated game this year, did I? Welp. Got to say, without a bit of doubt in my mind, Guild Wars 2. The sheer amount of innovation Arenanet is putting into this game ALONE has me excited, never mind the character creation, gorgeous artwork and extensive lore. Making the combat 100% cooperative so that everyone involved in any fight gets full credit, being able to dodge/roll out of the way of attacks ingame instead of just whacking one another repeatedly in a standstill, implementing a server queue system that allows you to take your character to a different server and play while waiting for a queue to finish on your current server in the event of overpopulation, and above all, ABOLISHING THE MMO TRINITY OF TANK/HEALER/DPS. This is utterly fantastic. I can't name how many times in previous MMOs I'd wanted to play a certain class, but ended up re-rolling because the pressures of being a tank or healer far outweighed the consistent need for them. The idea of being incredibly important to a team in the way a healer or tank generally is.. well, it was always alluring. But my god, the pressure? In order to stay competitive or participate in any higher level content, it always seemed like tanks need to play the game nonstop just to keep their gear CONSTANTLY tipped off, or you can't stay toe-to-toe with anything worthwhile. Blech! Granted, I am more of a DPS man myself, but I'd at least like the option to try out another class without feeling the need to perform at WoW-raid levels of uncompromising difficulty. The idea that in GW2, you can just assemble a team of any five people together and go out adventuring? With everyone helping to keep everybody else alive? No CONCRETE ROLE, just making your well-being based on everyone's level of skill, not just the healer? Oh hell yes. I could not be more excited about this game, and I applaud Arenanet for the steps they're attempting to take to change up the standard MMO formula. Now I just need to figure out whether to main a Thief or an Engineer..

But enough about what I'm looking forward to. What about you guys? Any of you going to be playing the games I mentioned above?
Merry Christmas folks. And happy holidays too. (If you can squeeze some of those in as well.)

Make it a good one. I am going to be stuffing myself with stuffing for the better part of the day.

Love you guys! :heart: This year is going to be an awesome one for art. I have a pretty great feeling about it. ;]
(Thanks to Clairvoire for this fantastic birthday image. xD)

Hey everyone!

Thanks for all the notes, comments, confection icons, incredibly awesome art , and general well-wishery. :]   

Especially considering I, as usual, have been all but completely dead around these parts. Haha, it kills me every time I swing around with a few buckets of art to toss up here on dA, and every time I get a slew of comments of people that seem so happy to see that I am back, and actively submitting work. And I don't mean 'kills me' in the hilarious sense, I mean more, well, I honestly feel bad that I can't BE more active around here. As active as I used to be, anyway. When free time was much more in abundance.

I always gave off the impression I was really busy with day-to-day things, but I think it helps to know what's ACTUALLY up. SO! I think it's time to spill a bit about life! HUNKER DOWN. If any of you have been here since the beginning you may remember my tendency towards long, rambling journals! And hell, I miss making those too!

I think I got into it briefly in a previous journal, but I'm still working as a creative director for an awesome game company in Barcelona. It's a fantastic fit, I have to tell you it's great when a company just.. enjoys the sort of work you create without supervision. In that sense, I mean, I've worked for a few studios in the past, and you have to get used to molding your creative style to what they are looking for in whatever project you get assigned at the time. This means that you don't have as much creative liberty as you'd like. The way you prefer to draw noses or elbows just won't fly, or your personal taste in armor and weapon aesthetic isn't matching what they want. This is just part of the job, and it's something any artist worth their salt needs to be ready for if they want a job in the games industry. You are, after all, there to bring whatever concept is thrown at you to life, and make it look good.

But what I'm getting at here is that these guys.. they basically just cut me loose and let me do whatever. And generally, when I show them what I came up with, they're very pleased with it, and we just roll from there. It's a tremendous thing. It makes you happy to wake up and get to work in the morning. And I'm pretty durn happy where I am right now as a result. It'll be nice when I can actually TALK about the game we've been working on, haha. Toughest part about game industry art is that you can't show a lick of it for like, years at a time. It's rough!

  I'm looking to move yet again. Probably not out of Texas.. I've grown to like this funny 'ol state quite a bit. Sure, it's no Jersey.. but it's all give and take. For every quirky, awesome little thing I miss about Jersey, there's an endearing quality about Texas to make up for it. (That and the living costs here make it a steal to stay.. aha.) But yeah, looking to move into a bigger place. Been feeling a might bit too cramped where I am right now, between me and the two mangy beasts I live with. I mean I have a third mangy beast I'm hoping to move over from Germany in the next year, by then it'll just be necessary! That and I'd really like a work room/study.. place to squeeze in all these art supplies, books, desks.. sure would make things easier.

I'm still working on that poster! For those of you that weren't involved, it is a poster full of characters from people here on dA who helped Zombiesmile and I win a comic contest a while back. I haven't forgotten about it. It's up to..  let me check.. seven full pages of nothing but your characters crammed in and mooshed up with one another, that I'm going to stack on top of one another until I have a full poster. I absolutely refuse to chop this thing up.. unless of course dA's page size limits turn it down. But we'll see! It's been killing me to not show previews.. because this is easily, far and away the most characters I've ever drawn in a single 'setting' in my entire life.  What is that tally.. oh yes, it's a little under 600 individual characters. And actually, that brings me to something else I wanted to say..

While I was drawing that poster, I saw a loooot of reference sheets. Of so many wild, incredibly varied characters. Just one after the other. I was marveling at this site on a whole, as an amazing.. AMAZING outlet of creative energy. Honest to god, I was moved. It was just something else. Seeing all these different faces, produced by people from all walks of life.. little bits of themselves put into every last one of them. Every character had a story different than the one before it, and it got me thinking, I mean.. just how much creativity there IS out there. It was a great reminder as to why I do this, why we ALL do this, what we love about it, how great it is that we choose to share it with one another.. and a whole bunch of other mooshy things that I can't put into words at the moment 'cause I only recently woke up. But yeah, eh. It was something. Really something. And I can't wait to slap up that poster.

Now, as for the aforementioned 'books' in the title.. I'm going to be releasing a sketchbook as soon as I'm able. Still doing some fiddling with the printing presses, but on the whole it's pretty much ready to go. Well, for anyone who cared to have a gander. :] It's a compilation of sketches and pencil illustration work for the past.. hell, uh, four years or so, about 90% of which I never put up on dA.  The other 10% are the lined versions of some of the colored images you may have seen. I know that, since I've been putting work up here, I've had a number of people ask me about working with pencils, lining and rough work, even going so far in some cases to say that they enjoy looking at sketchy linework over polished, finished material. I actually tend to agree with that sentiment, as I absolutely love when my favorite artists show their sketches and process. It just has that.. organic, fresh on the paper feel, haha.

But yeah! It's roughly 100 pages or so, featuring characters, concept processes and scrapped ideas from Everafter, Ree, Living in Sin, along with a handful of other 'stories' that never got as much airtime here on the site. Once we get some test copies printed out and make sure it's tweaked to satisfaction, I'll get some example pictures and haul it over here in case anyone is interested. :]

All right, time for me to get going. I think I'm going to make good on an earlier promise to myself to post more 'unfinished' work up here on dA, and start in on that backlog of stuff..

See you guys soon. Still one more bit of news that's not quite ready to come to light yet, but..  getting closer. CLOSER STILL I SAY. Mwahahah.


Back from Spain!

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 29, 2011, 7:25 PM an incredibly belated journal, that is.

Ah, my goodness. It's great to be back home. I have been all over! Amsterdam! Paris! Peñíscola! Barcelona!

Well, in all fairness the first two were just airport layovers.. nevertheless. I was surrounded in sweet, syrupy european-ness all the way through. I could have sat around in the airport in Paris for hours just listening to the announcements in that swishy language. It's brilliant.

I stayed at a beach house with Pinumbra, my lovely sister-in-law-to-be, her spaniard Crabman, and of course the ever enticing, enthralling, extraordinary Zombiesmile. I also met this crazy hairy dribbling individual named Marcks who tried to take my stuff and kick me in the mouth.

We were joined by a couple thousand mosquitos, which apparently, in Spain, leave monstrous welts on your skin the size of small countries. But we persevered!

We marathon'd movies, tossed around in the bright blue ocean (I emphasize the 'bright blue'ness on account of me being used to the Jersey shore back home, which.. which just wasn't blue. Not really.), ate fine Spanish cuisine, explored a big windy castle full of souvenirs and spontaneous 'toilet areas' for obnoxious tourists' children, and made a game of killing the aforementioned mosquitos every night before bed.

It was a nice trip, but I am quite happy to be here again. It's been a while!

But I've been remiss. I haven't really been keeping you folks updated on the goings-on as of late.

I've recently changed jobs! I'm now working as the creative director at another studio (in Barcelona, incidentally, which was another reason for the trip), where I've been happily toiling away my day hours working on an upcoming dungeon crawler.. and an MMO. It's been pretty wild. I'm incredibly excited about both of these projects, and can't wait for a point when I can show some of the progress being made.

I'm about to move (thankfully, to a bigger place!).. yet again, so I'll probably drop off the face of the planet in the next couple of months.. but I do have quite a few things to do here as well.

I still have that massive poster to make for you guys! I'm about halfway through now, been steadily chipping away at it for weeks now, whenever possible. It's been SO tempting to show bits of it on here, but to be honest I kind of want to wait till the very end and make an absolutely enormous strip, all in one deviation. (If the dA dimensions even allow it at this point, haha.)

Additionally, I'm about to put out a sketchbook. : ) More on that later.

Aaaaaaaaaand.. well. There's.. something else too, but. Well. That can wait for later. Laaater, laaater..   haha. xD It'll be good though. Well. I sure hope.

Anyway! Thanks for sticking around, guys. Take care. :heart:


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The Everafter webcomic: Outdated..?


Journal Entry: Tue Jul 12, 2011, 4:06 PM
Okay I think we're good you guys.


Now we sit.. and we wait. I'm actually not sure when results are supposed to be up for this thing.. but I think we dun' did plenty. And I'm going to go ahead and cut off the previous journal now before it tears a hole in the fabric of spacetime. That shit is expensive you know.

You guys hit the vote so hard you Internal Server Error'd Potluck over fifteen some times. And they say the youth of today aren't enthusiastic enough about voting. PAHHHH, I SAY.

By the way, if this wasn't clear already, you are my favorite people. :heart: Glad to see that after all this time, one thing hasn't changed about this place. The folks that swing by here are fantastic. xD Despite your apparent loathing for the well-being of my hands.

I'll refer you over to Zombiesmile's journal from here on in for the results. Thanks so much, everybody. Just amazing.


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Need your help! Your vote! Get yourself a drawing!

Journal Entry: Tue Jul 12, 2011, 10:59 AM
EDIT: If the site gives you an Internal Server Error, it just means IT CAN'T HANDLE OUR RAMPAGING BATTALION OF FABULOUSNESS. Just try again a bit later and it should be fine! CHAAAARGGGGEEEEE.

Okay folks.

This is no small task ahead of us. And by all rights I shouldn't even be asking anything on account of being all but DEAD around these parts for the last million years or so.. but I love a good, nearly hopeless challenge just as much as any other guy, so I figured, why not.

My fiancée, the ever effervescent :iconzombiesmile:, has been featured on Potluck Comics recently, and as such, been entered into a contest to win $300. This is no sum to scoff at, and we would.. well.. love to put it towards weddings of ludicrous proportions. (How much would it cost to pay the entire reception to do a dance number of… , do you think? )

But yes, this is where you come in. We could really use your vote over there, and in the next 12 hours, because the contest closes around then.  Now here's the deal. The current top winners have had oh, around a month to get to really healthy numbers.. and Miki is trailing by about 113 some votes. So the plan is.. somehow.. get as many votes as everyone else did in a month, in twelve hours.


But I don't want anyone voting on there for NOTHING, that wouldn't be fair, now would it! So here's what I propose.

If we manage to get the winning entry on Potluck, I will draw a ridiculously bloated, overly enormous poster containing one character of EVERY PERSON who votes and then subsequently leaves a comment here in my journal. I BET YOU THINK I'M KIDDING AND I'M TOTALLY NOT OKAY YOU GUYS. EVEN IF THE AFOREMENTIONED DRAWN CHARACTERS MAY BE KINDA SKETCHY AND SILLY LOOKING STILL.  BIG, MEATY MEAT POSTER.

Now I know what you're thinking, there's absolutely no way I'll know whether or not you actually voted. You'd be right. I'm basically opening this up to the honor system here. xD Which I may pay for, dearly. But hey, I mean, if we never even generate that many votes.. I won't have to do anything, anyway. So! Right.

DOWN TO BUSINESS. This here is the link to her comic:…

HOW TO VOTE: Apparently 'votes' are tally'd up via "shares on facebook, RTs on Twitter and simply pagehits" according to Miki. So basically just hit them up with facebook shares, twitter stuff, rate the comic, leave a comment on the actual page, anything you can think of. xD I don't know jack shit about all these newfangled contrapmashuns you kids are using nowadays, but it doesn't seem like it'd be too difficult a process.

If you can, go vote! Then come back here! Let me know you voted! Link a character!

Well! That's it! I suppose! I don't know how many people still come around this side of the site, but if you do, we'd really, really appreciate your support. : ) Thanks in advance, unless of course we actually pull this off, in which  case DAMN YOU, DAMN YOU TO HELL MY WRISTS ARE ALREADY SCREAMING.


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A-Kon 2011!

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 11, 2011, 5:09 PM
The missus ( Zombiesmile ) and I are going to be bumming around A-Kon 22 at the Sheraton in Dallas. Probably on Friday the 10th.

Having been chained to a studio desk for the past couple of years, you'll probably recognize me as the guy with the magnificent Beard-for-a-Head.  Or at the very least, tall, unwieldy looking scruffy dude with the diminuative asian chick.

We're not getting a table this year 'round, but we did plan on bringing a sketchbook with us to gather signatures and/or doodles from anyone generous enough to leave them with us. : ) It's already got a great headstart; we had it in Sydney as well. (Though the aussies don't sign things so much as elbow drop their essence onto the page.)

So! If any of ya'all are going to be in attendance, drop a line here if you like, it'd be awesome to run into some folks in between our artbook purchasing frenzylust!


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'I want to be a better artist.'

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 28, 2011, 11:31 AM
This is a sentiment I hear often on dA. It's usually followed by a question regarding how one should go ABOUT becoming a better artist.

  I've no doubt made journals like this in the past, but here's another one. This page was in dire need of an update, either way. : )

  I could probably talk your ear off for a mile and a half about why I should be the last person you ask for creativity-boosting advice. Aaaand I have my reasons for this, but that's not really what anyone who writes me wants to hear, I think. It's just a fair warning. I'm not an accredited teacher, I was far from the most capable person at my college, I've made a metric crapton of mistakes, and I am nowhere near where I'd like to be in my own personal artistic endeavors. If that doesn't bother you, well, keep on reading!

  The best way I could aid anyone interested in bettering themselves would probably be by giving you the advice that inspires me the most. Stuff I've heard from friends, family, colleagues, teachers, and from some particularly awesome readers. These are some of the words that really stuck with me.

1. Don't neglect the basics.

Yeah, I know. Drawing boxes on tables and fruit in bowls is boring as sin. I completely feel you there.  This was one of the biggest buckets of cold water on the groin I ever received in college. You're fresh out of highschool, eager to bat in the big leagues and show off your killer awesome talents. You've picked your college, you're armed to the teeth with your graphite, T-squares, RIDICUOUSLY priced tubes of paint and paintbrushes alike. You're gonna draw woooorlds man. But oh yeah, first, sketch this pear. Now do it again. And again. And again. KEEP SCRUBBING AND SCRUBBING AND SAYING THE NAME OF YOUR LORD AND SAVIO-- I digress.
But you got to do it. Believe me, in my mind, there is no greater way to hinder your growth as an artist than to neglect your basics. I've told this to everyone who has ever sent a note my way asking for advice. This is easily the most boring, but most crucial bit I could ever give you. I've paid a great deal for failing to realize how badly you need to know your basics, and to this day it's required a lot of self-teaching (and embarrassing mistakes) just to get a decent grasp on the stuff I should have been able to do seven years ago.

It may seem like you've grown past the need for stuff like the most basic perspective, lighting, dynamic, color theory etc..  but the reality of it is, you never grow past it. You should always be seeking to learn more about these things. Every step of the way.

  Oh, and also, if nothing else, there are MOUNTAINS of resources available here on dA. Just do some searches for such, and you'll find treasure troves worth of coloring, composition, perspective tutors. It's really something else.

2. Never make a line that doesn't matter.

I can't adequately explain how great this advice is. Credited to my Foundation teacher in college, that line stuck with me to this day, and has a huge effect on my mindset when drawing. I'll try to explain it as best I can.
When you're sitting down to draw something, let's say in this case a really cool dynamic shot of a character, all fighting-game style, pay attention as you're drawing. If you're anything like me, there are parts of a drawing that are just much more fun than others. This could be eyes, or faces, or you just really love drawing hands. But anyway, it tends to show, when you're really enjoying something in a piece. On the flipside, however, there are portions of your drawing that show you were kind of notsomuch there. If you catch yourself drawing lines as kind of an afterthought, or just to complete something quickly, you're probably weakening the entire piece by keeping them in there.

  It's probably easy to mix up the idea of 'weak lines' with 'detail' as well. A lot of artists on here like to heap on the detail when it comes to designs, and more power to you if that's your thing, because it certainly works for some folks. I'm more the type of guy that follows a Capcom-esque kind of creed. A common thing you hear from Capcom artists, when talking about their own designs, is a kind of mandate on simplicity. Their designs are crisp, to the point, and powerful. There isn't a line in their drawings that doesn't contribute towards the whole.  I'm biased here though, I've been an enormous fan of their artists (Akiman, Nishimura, CRMK, Edayan, etc) for ages now, and I think their work exemplifies my main point very well.

  Let me try explaining from another angle. Have you ever not been sure how to go about proceeding with a character drawing, so you waffle around a lot and end up making wobbly lines or odd, lumpy clothing and/or muscles? That's the kind of thing I'm talking about. There needs to be a certainty, an energy behind it. Even if it means redrawing the same thing over and over again. Try figuring out how you want that arm or leg to look, and then try taking the least about of lines to get your point across. A good way to practice this would be hitting up a site like, and doing the super quick figure illustrations. They basically require you to draw a body as fast as you can, typically resulting in only the most important lines.

  Anyway, let me wrap this one up, I could go on forever about this bit of advice. It's just really, really good advice, and I can't thank my prof enough for it.

3.  'Concept artist' =/= 'Character artist'.

Now here's a contentious point if I ever heard one. And no matter how many times I say it, I will get people telling me that their friend works at (insert name here) studio as a Character Artist and it's  totally possible.

And you know, that's probably true. There are some studios out there who I'm sure are capable enough of paying a person to do nothing but characters all day. But as far as my knowledge on the matter goes.. there really aren't many positions like that in existence. If there are, you'd better believe they're going to the best people in the business, of which there are a  lot.  Regardless, I don't think it's a safe idea to just bank on drawing characters for the game industry for the rest of your life. During the game projects I've worked on, most all the art was done early on. It gets revised over the course of the project, but never enough to merit a full days work, day after day. On the job, I've done backgrounds, menu layouts and assets, storyboards, turnaround sheets for modeling, vehicles, objects, weapons, creatures/beasts, monsters, buttons, buildings..  a helluva lot more than just characters.

For a lot of people this is something they just don't like to hear, but I'm really sorry to say it's true. If drawing is a hobby, and all you want to do is draw people and pin-ups, then by all means. But if you are specifically gunning for a job in the game industry, your horizons are going to have to expand. And you'll be a better artist for it, trust me.

(Don't even get me started on folks who seem to think you can get a job just creating/drawing ideas and having other folks build the game for you. They just..  hoo. Huge wake-up call looming in the not-too-distant future. This job does exist, but usually involves you being the Creative Director. Btw, there are no entry level creative director jobs. ; P)

4. Don't try to please everyone.

Be willing to grow, be willing to learn, but be willing to enjoy your own work.

I've never had a harder time improving than when I was too busy thinking about everyone who dislikes my stuff. And it's true. You can't please everybody, no matter how hard you try. It just spreads you thin, it makes you lose focus.

The problem here is the interpretation, though. I'm not advocating you don't listen to critique, and plug up your ears when others give you suggestions on how to improve. Having a thick skin as an artist is immensely important. So is the desire to get better, to be receptive to change. However, this does not mean you should allow a hateful opinion to change the course of something you personally want to do. Really, it all depends on your personal standards and what you want out of yourself as an artist.

Again, let me make myself clear here. Critique is vital to an artist's growth. Being used to criticism, and able to take it and shape something out of it, is an invaluable trait, one you will benefit most from learning early on in your career. I don't like it when artists hide behind the word 'style' more than anyone else. But you know what else is important? Knowing the difference between criticism intended on bettering you as an artist, and just straight-up hate for your work. One is a resource you can use to level up. The other is noise. Noise wastes your time, and the time of the person making it. Chances are nothing you could create would make them happy, so it's not really meant to be. Press on, and don't lose sight of yourself. : )

Any artist should be so lucky as to create work that makes people want more. That's the real be-all and end-all of art, in my opinion. If people want to see more from you, you're doing something right.  And I don't think it matters if what you're doing is western, eastern, toony, flashy, painty, indie, noir-y, abstractified, or furry fishhead anthro space alien debutantes fighting dragons. :|

5. Drawing is only non-productive when you aren't doing it.

If you're anything like me, you've wasted a lot of time in your life worrying that what you're putting to paper really isn't pushing any of your own personal boundaries far enough. And while expanding your horizons is a fantastic thing to do, sometimes you just got to kick back.

I've spent several days just drawing nothing but characters heads before. And yeah, I've paused and been like.. awgh this really isn't going to help me get any better at drawing legs, or making a picture look like it's popping right off the page.. these are just FACES WHAT AM I DOING. But ease up. A day spent drawing nothing but faces is better than a day spent drawing nothing at all.  I also can't stress the importance of warming-up. Before you sit down to try and bang out the best thing your portfolio ever did see, you should probably do a few short exercises first. Think of it as your creative muscle. You shouldn't work out by going straight to the most strenuous part of your routine. Hell, even if you ENJOY that crazy awesome strenuous kind of work (like most all of us do, it is our passion after all), you should still do a bit of 'jogging' first, in my opinion. Do some silly doodles, sketch out some really really loose body poses, or in my case, just litter the page with lots of little toony pictures. I like making expressive faces, and stretching and squishing eyes and mouths and stuff. It can really go a long way.

6. You only get as much out of college as you put in.

I've had a lot of notes asking where I went to college, and what sort of colleges I recommend others look into. Where I went doesn't matter, for one, and two, there is no one school I could recommend you hit up for a guaranteed excellent time. So much of what you receive from your college experience directly correlates to the effort you sink in. Sure, you can help your cause IMMENSELY by just doing some homework into the art schools you're interested in..  get yourself out to the campus, ask students what they think of certain courses, see if the strengths of the school match your own, etc. My college was very good with traditional work, and notsomuch with digital. If I had done a bit more research and found that out earlier, I might have picked a different school. Still, I made due with what I had in front of me, and I think I learned a lot of great stuff, even though the school was far from the most renowned. Hell, I've said before.. the ideas behindEverafter and Living in Sin were both borne out of class assignments, haha.

But anyway, just do your homework. Be really hands-on. Find out what each school specializes in. Do you want to hone in on sequential art? Animation? Art for games, movies, what? Figure those things out first.

  Yes, college was a worthwhile experience for me, and I highly recommend it. There's something amazing about being around a ton of other artists from varying backgrounds. You can learn a helluva lot from your fellow students. Practically as much as you can learn from the teachers.

7. When in doubt, shut the hell up and draw.

I'm going to go ahead and take this advice now. |D Be seeing you folks. Hopefully this was helpful to somebody out there. And if not, well.. I owe you some minutes of your life back. AND YOU'RE NOT GETTING THEM.


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birthday ONSLAUGHT: the wishening.

Journal Entry: Fri Dec 17, 2010, 9:21 AM
Thanks to the birthday battalion, that was an incredibly pleasant thing to wake up to this morning. : )

Another valiant year-long battle with age, LOST. But it was a glorious defeat this year, let me tell you. And all the better now thanks to you guys.

While I'm here! A big 'ol happy holidays to the lot of you! This is my absolute favorite time of the year (even more so since moving to Texas.. we don't get any snow that needs shoveling outside of a blue moon), for the weather, the festivities, just the whole atmosphere of it all. And I'm a big giant sappy sap who actually likes Christmas songs. It makes me all warm and noggy inside. Just can't help myself.

Though I'll admit I've been spoiled to the whole new years celebration after spending my last one in Düsseldorf. Whole freaking sky lit up with fireworks over the Rhine, fireworks in the STREETS, it was nuts. Maybe I just have to sniff out an impressive display here in texanland. Put that 'everything is bigger' slogan to the test. We'll see.

Hope this year treated you folks well.

..out of curiousity.. what's the best food you eat around the holidays? Stuffing in my opinion!


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Masque * Round 4 Results, Final Match.

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 18, 2010, 10:10 PM
:spotlight-left:FINAL ROUND:spotlight-right:


Final Round Deadline: TBD

Evening folks! Still manning :iconterriblenerd:'s Masque Tournament here on my page while she is indisposed.

Congratulations to the two finalists. (Been a long road here if I do say so myself.) And, to quote Lil's journal: As always, it's up to the departing artists (The illustrious :iconarchie-and-anya: and comedy connoisseur :iconzombiejones:.. pay them both a visit if you get the chance!) if they wish to unmask themselves before the tournament proper is over. Anyone who wants feedback (on the last round), note me, and I'll pass the requests on to the judges.

To Templar-Raven and Ladypennny, I wish you both luck, and would appreciate your opinion on when you'd like the next deadline to be set. This being the last round, I'd prefer you both have as much time as you like to complete your entry. Well. Within reason. ; )

Take it easy folks! some news coming up soon! Of the bookish variety! : )


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WHAT IS THIS. (Edit: Kotaku'd!)

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 1, 2010, 9:53 PM

I.. well CRAP. I was all trying to have a picture ready for that and thought I had time and I turn around and..  ahahah.. criiipes.

You guys are amazing. :heart: Absolutely amazing. Thank you.

EDIT:… hell. To the good folks at Kotaku, a site I've been loyally following for some years now, you guys have just blown what little gray matter was left in my head away. Thanks so much for the feature, haha, you have no idea. I'm going to go have myself a good oldperson lie down.

EDIT'D EDIT: And also a big fat buttery thank you to :iconfunymony: for posting my work over there to begin with!


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