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September 21, 2007
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S:da - Round Two INCOMPLETE. by Endling S:da - Round Two INCOMPLETE. by Endling
A huge job has fallen into my lap.

I don't know how many folks know this but I'm freelance. Which might explain my erratic updating schedule both on here and at Snafu, given the push and pull of dry spells and crunch periods.

As stated, a very important job has come my way. As such, I have to make some sacrifices in order to maintain a semblance of a schedule/sanity. (And keep my hands from crumbling.)

The workload would simply be too much.

My first round entry suffered as a result of this, Everafter missed another update after I said I'd prioritize it, everything is dwindling a little because I'm spreading myself too thin.

And with this job being as important as it is.. I have to cut out the luxuries, at least until I'm able to dip back into them.

The way I see it:

The big job (current goal) > Everafter updates (long term goal)> Fun stuff like this. Unfortunately.

This scrap shows the work I'd completed, and the scribbly thumbnails as well as dialogue and explanations of where it was going to go, as I want to make it readily known I'd intended to take this all the way to the end.

But I got surprised. Unfortunately I can't tell when these things are going to come in. So I have to be mature, listen to reason and bow out.

As it states in the bottom of the deviation, I'd like to extend my apologies to the folks in the competition who were looking forward to challenging me, particularly my current opponent *RoninsUltramix. Sorry man. Though looking at your preliminary pages, you probably woulda ousted me anyway. :) Good luck and have fun.

Oh, and to my Death Squad? (You know who you are.) Mission accomplished. ;)
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Project-HEAVY Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I could only lol at the Master's "Journey".
courtessa-love Featured By Owner Aug 12, 2010
aaahhhhh!!!! i hope you finalize this!!! pah-LEASEEEEEEEE ... with a cherry on top??! ^_^
shadowilinise Featured By Owner Jun 22, 2010  Student General Artist
its was awesome anyways :la:
Kai-suke Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2009
I forgot what I originally wanted to say, but this has provided me with a fascinating insight in regards to your process.

So far, all of my attempts at comicing can only be called thumbnails, because of the low quality, and time spent on them. I realize that I am not very focused, but haven't bothered to focus on focusing on what I want to do with my art. If I spend more time, I may eventually climb to tiers near you and others.

Please gain +5 ego in knowiung that you have helped me get closer to a goal of making a comic of my own.
mafer-loving-muak Featured By Owner Aug 11, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
its great!! ^^
but.. where the part 1?? ^^;
coke-head Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2009
this was epic!
i seriously hope he goes back and finishes this. :heartbreaker:
0van Featured By Owner Mar 10, 2009  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
i have a question what version of photoshop or watever program you use do you have? and how do you get your pencil lines not mixed up with the grey coloring?
Evil-Stan Featured By Owner Oct 25, 2008
Oh how the mighty have fallen.
Yin-YangShadowDragon Featured By Owner Aug 2, 2008
this was still very good, i hope you enter the sins again
xxrandomxpandaxx Featured By Owner May 20, 2008
What kind of pallet do you have?
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