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October 7, 2009
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RoughCut Finale - 8 by Endling RoughCut Finale - 8 by Endling

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This is the rough cut version of the Endzone finale, likely the only version that's going to be produced. Why? Because at this point in time I can't readily afford to keep up with it. It's a shame. It sucks. But ultimately, I didn't want to just end it on a flat note for the sheer sake of finishing it up and being done with it. I wanted to show the entirety of the intended story I had for the finale, and it is long.

Also, you may notice the quality/style leaping around a lot. That's because at various points in the past year or two I had time to work on it.. and I didn't do things in order. XD I was jumping around quite a bit and it shows.. nevertheless, all I want of it right now is to be readable and understood.

At this point, it's only about halfway done. And it was either finish up the polished version in a drastically cut short, edited version of the intended ending, or show everything that was meant to happen.. just like this. Heh. A rough cut. And personally I think something is better than nothing.

Back when Endzone began I didn't have a job to bog me down, didn't have as many bills as I do today, didn't have a lot of things going on. Now that I do.. and it all came in a hurry, unfortunately a lot of the luxury art in my life has taken a hit. The Endzone finale, being prize winnings, is one of those things. I've spoken with Unknown on the matter and thank GOODNESS he understands. But I hope you folks enjoy seeing these extended storyboards instead of being left completely in the dark.

Anyway, the next half'll pick up soon. Thanks for watching.
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