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Miss SDL 3 - Final Round. by Endling Miss SDL 3 - Final Round. by Endling
"If you had the chance to tell a Gaijin(foreigner) anything, anything at all, what would you tell him or her?"

Ree: " gaijin..? Doesn't that mean.. um.. Rex? Aren't we g--"

(Rex clamps a hand hastily over Ree's mouth.)

Rex: "EHEM. I do believe the little squig has come down with a bit of the vapors. She's misunderstood the question, clearly. One moment."

(Rex then cups his hand around Ree's ear and whispers something.)

Ree: "Oh.. uh.. all right, I guess.... ahem! What I meant to say.. to answer.. I personally believe that japanese are unable to do so because uh, some people out there in our nation don't have maps, and ah I believe that our ah education like such as .. er.. South Africa and the Iraq ....wait, where is that..? This doesn't make any sense.. R-Rex..?"

Rex: "Shut up and keep going! Just say what I told you! It's surefire!"

Ree: "..and everywhere like such as and .. I believe that they should uh, our education over here in the Japan should help the Japanese, uh, should help South Africa and should help the Iraq and the asian countries so that we should be able to build up our future in er.."

(Saburo begins playing the 'wrap-it-up' music, complete with falsetto vocals.)

Ree: "..our children."


Last round of the Miss SDL contest. Right before the deadline. I think..? Well in my timezone anyway.. I guess I'll find out. :XD:

If you don't understand Ree's response to the question, youtube up "South Carolina miss teen USA" for the source of this malarkey. Have a good one, folks.
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July 10, 2008
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