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May 30, 2010
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Endzone Conclusion Summary 2-2 by Endling Endzone Conclusion Summary 2-2 by Endling
Previous: [link]

Well, it only took three years, eh?

Haha. Mm, all right, I have a laundry list of things to state here. Bear with me, if you're in the reading mood, or would like some stuff explained. (I'm sure one or two of you is wondering about the ending.)

Why in good gravy did that take you so long to do?
- Well, what you've just read is in not how the ending was intended to look. This was a summary of the events I'd wanted to draw, actually cut even further down from the original plan. (Wherein the rest of the contestants were outside holding their own after Doode was locked within the asylum.) Ultimately this ending proved to be too much to produce along with the job I was offered here at the studio, which came my way a short while after the concluding battle in Endzone. I did not see it coming, and as great as it is, it has taken a serious toll on my personal work time. Regardless, I apologize for how belated this whole thing is, and I hope the summary will suffice. I did not want to just give up and see it dead in the water.

The Group Effort
- In the original plans for the ending, it was supposed to be a multi-part extravaganza with a lot of the contestants submitting their own pictures and interpretations of Red/Climbers confrontation. Ultimately this only half-came to be, with a decent amount of participants. Regardless, the folder (among many others) got fried when I had a PC meltdown and had to reformat. Since then rather than track everyone down to get involved, I decided to just barrel through and finish things up. If I'm able to collect all those pieces again, however, I will be more than happy to post a collage here. I'd prefer all those awesome works not go unseen.

But.. But What Happens to Climber?!
- You might be wondering why this ending was left a bit open? Early on in the process, I'd talked about my plans with *Unknown-person. We'd both agreed that I should illustrate the fight between Red and Climber, as that was what the grand prize stipulated, but not go too much farther in explaining what happens to everyone afterwards. I decided to do just that. This has wrapped up the tournament itself and its events, if the illustrious Unknown decides to pick up the torch and show a Climber epilogue, then more power to him. (I think we all hope he will, but hey, he is one busy man.)

Rough Cutting
- This conclusion was the best amalgam I could come up with, a sort of mix between the completely rough cut designs I'd been doing before to simply finish up the story, and finished looking material a la Everafter style comics. With my day to day schedule as it is, I had to finally give up on the full fledged project this was supposed to be, and to be honest, I am still very much disappointed that it wasn't able to fill out like I wanted it to. The scope was too big to handle along with an already harrowing studio job, so a fighting-game ending style summary seemed like the most appropriate route. Honestly though, and this is to you, *Unknown-person, I hope you don't feel shortchanged by the turnout. Also I apologize for being a few years off the due date. :| My goodness.

So uh, also, where in hell have you been?
XD Well gosh. That.. that's a bit more complicated, I have to say. There's no one reason, truth be told. I suppose I decided it was time to practice. A lot. As such I haven't made too much polished stuff worth showing off, just a hell of a lot of groundwork.. mm. Yeah. Maybe I'll have a better explanation in the future.

Until then, thank you to everyone who continues to visit my nook of the site. I'm still around. Just.. refocused a bit.

And to those of you who have followed Endzone (or participated in it) from the beginning, I hope you guys enjoyed the ride. I sure did.


All characters© their respective owners.
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Kudos to you, Endling and everyone that took part in this really epic battle!
I followed since 2008, and oh my goodness.
The fact that you managed to wrap it up, even if it wasn't what you originally planned, is truly admirable!
I love every bit of Endzone!
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