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February 24, 2009
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AT THE READY by Endling AT THE READY by Endling
It's cluttered. It's too busy. There's too much going on.

But yeah, that pretty much sums up this artist at the ready. XD

Besides, this was for fun, and it did the job. <3

Now, starting from the middle, going down then clockwise..

Me - the flustered looking dweeb in the center.

Chirrel - Sporting a twin-tail new doo, the original reaper girl from Endrealm who started the trend of supernaturally inclined heroines that terrorize my storylines. For those of you that remember my very first submissions, you'll notice she's grown quite a bit. Most of the cast of Endrealm, even Chirrel herself, have 'migrated' into another storyline, so she may pop up sometime in the not too distant future. :3

Rex - Ree's head demonic servant and leading cause of her hellishly inclined lifestyle. Rex serves as the proverbial mangoat on the shoulder, encouraging Ree to use her malevolent powers as often as she possibly can. Why? Perhaps he's a scruffy, malicious delinquent, or has a much more sinister plan in the works.. but then again, we're talking about a guy who struggles to put together peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.

Goldilocks - Directly next to Rex there is the demure Goldilocks, accompanied by her three spectral 'companions'. Sweet as sugar, Goldi. But the girl has issues.

Anne a.k.a. The Powerbug - Zipping above Rex's head with a legally distinct portable gaming device in tow, the latest line of resource gathering bugbots from the Omega Corps. This would be your standard dastardly conglomerate in the only futuristic storyline I have. Powerbugs thirst for energy, and are built to harvest. And defend themselves in all sorts of interesting, bloody ways when threatened by rival gatherers. 8D

Ree - Gamer extraordinaire, subject of infestation by the legion of hell, and makes some damn fine cheese omelettes with bacon in. Loves most things retro, her parents, and probably sports a crush on the Angry Video Game Nerd.

Attention Whore - That obnoxious glob of black in the back on the far left is the subject of 'Attention Whore', the first picture in my gallery to ever get any kind of relatively widespread attention here on DA. He enjoys mittens.

Rain - Twining in with aforementioned glob is Rain, the parasitically haunted princess of my medieval storyline that will probably never see the light of day. Unless I decide to go with the original idea that the entire cast be made up of animals. 8|

Oliver - Stand-in lead of the Alptraum Family Circus. And I don't mean "Family" in the sense that you should bring your whole family, unless seeing people brought to the bloody brink of their sanity gets your collective rocks off. When Oliver first debut'd here on DA, he was said to be altogether a ripoff of someone from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Then the lead in Corpse Bride. Nowadays, that Superjail has come out, he is said to be a ripoff of the Warden! It's amazing how over the years he manages to undermine so many established franchises. But that's why we love him.

Red - Red is seen her sporting a fashionable Big Bad hat and Dr. Crooked glasses. She seems to enjoy collecting trophies of people she either has killed or seeks to kill sometime in the future. You know, when her schedule opens up. Currently she's out to kill me for a lack of updates in the webcomic she stars in.

Bertram & Mara - Oliver's siblings. One's a gigantic clown, the other is a brainmangled hypnotist. I'll let you guess which is which.

Wrath - Probably the spunkiest of the Living in Sin girls, one of my favorites to draw and write for.

Lilith - Ree's rival. (Whether or not Ree is aware of it.) You either love or hate Lilith, it seems like. The amount of varying feedback I've got on her character is staggering, if not for just its utter disparity.

Dan - By far the most unpopular choice on my recent poll of Ree characters, I figured the poor good-natured schmuck deserved a cameo here. Sariel, the winner of the poll, will never let him live it down anyway. The popularity went to his-- er.. her-- its head.

Sloth - Sleepy Sloth is sleepy. I need to draw her more.

Clockwork Bunny - Don't ask about Clockwork Bunny. You should know this by now.

Envy, Seth, Jacob, Pride, Avarice - Swinging up and to the left of C.B. are more stars of Living in Sin. Thankfully Seth's narration bubble left him alone long enough for this picture.

Rosie, Posie, Iggy - Floating around indiscriminately are the sisters Plague. These poor things have been the longest subjects of experimentation in the Everafter asylum and certainly look the part. I mean, at least Iggy got away with only having that one creepy ass popped eye.

TL;DR K I'M OUT :heart:

StrongBad©The Brothers Chaps
Everything else©S.Healey
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empressofcheese Featured By Owner Apr 7, 2014
Oh wow WOW!! I WANNA MAKE ONE!!! I know what I'm gonna do to day! XD
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Just wonderful
This is a daunting task but the result is sooo amazing!
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whos the girl at the bottom? holding the scythe?
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D: Haven't seen this....I'm going to end up putting Fav to the whole gallery!!! This is soooo amazing
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Ok that is ridiculously good. Love ur art. How to you get your lines that crisp? I cant for the life of me get my lines that crisp in Photoshop. Any tips on how to do it or what to do? Once again ur art is crazy good!
kurtcrawler Featured By Owner Apr 20, 2012  Student General Artist
Very cool
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